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Physical Plant

Standard Operating Procedures

Number: SOP 2-1

Date: August 13, 2003

Revision: July 22, 2008

No. of Pages:


Chapter 2:

Physical Plant Postal Services


Responsibility and Duties


Department Administration


To define the guidelines for responsible handling of mail by Postal Services


All University Employees


Physical Plant Postal Services is solely responsible for the handling of all United States mail, interoffice, outgoing, and courier mail.

Postal Services is dedicated to serving the University community with prompt, efficient service to insure that all mail is sorted and delivered daily in a timely manner.

Incoming Mail

All incoming mail is sorted and delivered to its appropriate location by department twice daily.

It is the department's responsibility to route all interdepartmental mail received.

Outgoing Mail

The pickup deadline for outgoing mail is at 2:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.

If the pick-up deadline is missed, outgoing mail expected to be sent out the same day, may be hand-delivered to Postal Services no later than 4:00 P.M.

Please call Postal Services to make arrangements.

Special Mailings

Advance notice is needed to effectively handle and process large or specialized mailings.

Large mailings are normally 1,000 or more pieces.

A 72-hour advance notice is needed to insure the appropriate amount of time, personnel, and sufficient postage in the meter.

Postal Services is not responsible for the sorting or preparation of any bulk mail, but is responsible for funding and tracking.

Therefore, Postal Services require notification that a bulk mailing is being planned, prior to preparation and delivery to the Post Office.

Personal Mail

Outgoing personal mail is handled along with University mail but separated from mail needing postage.

Postal Services cannot apply metered postage to personal mail but will assist you in determining the correct amount.

Be sure to include a return address on all your personal mail.

The University should not receive incoming personal correspondence unless you reside on campus.


All outgoing mail received by Postal Services is required to have affixed a postage card with a bar code, so that mail can be identified and charged back to the appropriate departments.

Please contact Postal Services with your request.

Chargeable Services

Postage usage, postage due, business reply, bulk mail, and undeliverable addressed mail are charged back on a monthly basis through expense reimbursements.

See Administrative Services Intranet for more information.



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